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    featuring Q-Tip, Busta Rhymes  
    Verse One: Big Daddy Kane  
    When I'm in motion it's just like the flow of the ocean  
    The weight of the words swerve and curve  
    My style flexes bigger than the state of Texas  
    Quick as a Lambourghini, smooth as a Lexus  
    I guess that makes me the top of the line  
    Oh yes I'm the most prime of all time  
    Cause as soon as I pick up the mic and begin and the lyrics just start  
    to flowing, ahem ahem, coughing couldn't stop me from going  
    On with the rapture, so that I can capture  
    your mind with state of the art music made to adap to  
    To knowledge the God on the groove  
    Because when my tongue moves I just loooove that I'm smooth  
    Do it with these and in times I leave reas  
    to give em a little of thje flavor that please  
    As I, school in the who in pursuin and doin and reignin again and the  
    gutter and stutter and killin and chillin collectin the rent and  
    jammin and slammin and damn it's  
    Too much for one mind to comprehend  
    A pure blend, the way that I make words mend  
    And, the way that I be doin rappers in  
    Michael Bivins couldn't make these Boyz II Men  
    I play, somethin verbally, capable to murder the  
    average MC, the tough ones I'll burn third degree  
    And if you're thinkin that I'm takin a beatin  
    You're sure to see the Pink Panther speakin  
    Verse Two: Q-Tip  
    I'm a native New Yorker, I pitch a lot of porker  
    When I get my ride, I be the grill squawker  
    Tip's a smooth talker, I love Alice Walker  
    So get off the dillz and step back you little hawker  
    Better yet you hooker, you wanna show I book ya  
    The highest way I took ya, is youse a good looker  
    Queens is residential, I make the presidentials  
    Over instrumentals, I utilize the mentals  
    First saw Big Daddy at the place called Union Square  
    If you wnet in by yourself it was a terror  
    See, I could do that cause my crew is kinda phat  
    Outside we had the toolies, out West you call em gats  
    It's that, oh thanks chat, well let me drop some more shit  
    Bring your bats and balls and please don't forfeit  
    Cause you won't get away, your status will be stank  
    You can ride with me G I'm goin to the bank  
    To meet up with Kane, up on Dollar Lane  
    You get the idea, cause page times is near  
    So rappers see they bug cause they really can't handle  
    Position from the rappin, cause some of them be slackin  
    Not in this sport of thought we block out the devil  
    The three different flavors, you know we on the level  
    Verse Three: Busta Rhymes  
    Check it out, uhh! As I come down and get dumb  
    Yes roughneck, swingin along with the drum  
    Swimmin in the, track, retaliatin thorough is how  
    I react, Busta Rhymes will attack  
    As you feel the pain, bass kick impacts to the brain  
    gotta make a mega migraine  
    Whattup? To the Big Daddy and Tip  
    My trip, flip the rhyme, then I dip  
    Hey, hip-hop, cool, bust the interlude  
    Wack do ya on the stage gettin booed  
    This structure it takes, bust the angle of three different flavors  
    on a young raider choc well that's my vocal fader  
    Keep my volume on extra boom!  
    All the braids in my neck symbolizes that I want room  
    Word up, huh! Here I am, damn  
    Dragon slayer stackin layer after layer  
    This jam will be ran while the record flim flam  
    WIggle your front pram, to the runnin man  
    Sam, Busta, Rhymes, comin on time  
    L.O.N.S. did, rip a new design  
    Flavor one, taste the unborn baby  
    Flip before you move or catch a bad one baby  
    CHiggy change chump, the oversized puff  
    Busta pump you and the love, and then I rump  
    Emotional stter point, for the wild  
    Busta buckwild musically direct from Strong Isle  
    Unload, catch you like smell later  
    Dig on your taste of the third flavor, rrrarrrRHHH  
    RARRARRRRH! Direct from the lungs of the dragon, uh

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