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    On and on and on and on  
    Me say the beat don't stop until the break of dawn  
    Nor does the growth of our young world  
    Yes the children, be buildin, each boy and girl  
    Cause you are the cream of the planet earth  
    The new birth, now take that for what it's worth  
    And give the child room, to blossom and bloom  
    Livin large, it's your destiny to consume  
    To take flight and ignite to a brand new height  
    Cause that's your goal in life - am I right? (Yeah!)  
    To start reachin, come on each and every  
    single one of y'all comprehend what I'm teachin  
    I said listen up, listen up, listen up youngster  
    Learn from a lesson that the Big Daddy brung ya  
    It's nothin but knowledge, I shall bring to you  
    And I'm not Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo, but I know  
    "children, children" - "are the future" (variations 4X)  
    "children, children" Where we goin now?  
    Take my hand my child, and let me show you how  
    Cause I'm here to help..  
    .. those who need Knowledge of Self  
    Young brothers and sisters, considered the cream  
    that must rise to the top and fulfill the dream  
    And there are desires that we all want to achieve  
    but remember, respect is most greatest to receive  
    And we don't have to gain it by bein TOUGH  
    Or sellin our own kind that cooked white stuff  
    So bring your negative mind from out of the shade  
    Find your true self and let's all get paid, because  
    "children, children" - "are the future" (variations 4X)  
    People, people, why we live illegal?  
    Your life just ends short and you know that there's no sequel  
    (sequel) They'll say that it was fun while it lasted  
    You run wild, stickin up and gettin blasted  
    Pregnant girls livin solo, on the welfare  
    Cause your so-called man said go to hell dere  
    And young brothers that could be tryin to rap  
    Instead, are out boostin clothes at the Gap  
    Now what kind of life is that for a child?  
    Runnin wild livin foul, hey, change your lifestyle  
    Get some knowledge, and open your eyes  
    Just take a little bit of time,  
    how fully you'll come to realize, that  
    "children, children" - "are the future" (variations 4X)  
    [Kane * singing *]  
    I believe the children are the future  
    Teach them well and let them lead the way  
    Show them all of the beauty they posess inside  
    Give them, a sense of pride  
    to make it easier, let the children laughter  
    remind us how we used to be

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