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    Big Daddy Kane]  
    Move over bacon there's somethin meatier  
    A natural born lover with love to give free to ya  
    Meatier, so all you bacon lovers move over  
    Cause I'm so smooth they should call me Blackanova  
    I'm not tryin to say that I'm number one  
    I'm just a smooth operator that gets the job done  
    So, let me lick you from head to toe  
    Realllllllll slowwwwwwwww  
    Cause ever since I was young I could keep girls sprung  
    just by the movement of my tongue  
    I remember it all started way back  
    in ummm... Kindergarten!!  
    Some played with Lego's, some played with Play-Doh  
    But I was feelin girls like a ripe tomato  
    And now it's 1990 and you can find me as I dunk  
    Lockin up girls like I want  
    Yes I got a harem, but I don't share em  
    I collect em like padium and MMM, you gotta see em  
    Because the ladies is all I dream of  
    And not even Anita Baker can give sweeter love  
    You know why?  
    Cause I can do it right (4X)  
    Yesssss I can!  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Step up girls and get somethin to treasure  
    And welcome to the Smooth Operator's Palace of Pleasure  
    And if you're wonderin if I want it --  
    I got a Kraftmatic with your name written on it  
    I reminisce sayin I take em eight to eighty  
    But I was just kiddin, no you have to be a lady  
    Even if you're too young, with the hypest body  
    I just don't go to a Similak party  
    So all those of age, we can get intimate  
    Bumper to bumper, so you can get your fender bent  
    I treat girls just like pastry  
    Mmmmmmmmm *smacks lips* Tasty!  
    Very kinky when it comes to hanky panky  
    A well known player, but not for the Yankees  
    I won't say I'm the baddest or portray that role  
    But I'm up to top two and my father's gettin old  
    I'm takin love to a brand new height  
    And if lovin girls is wrong I don't wanna be right  
    Cause my man Babyface said that it's no crime  
    And of course I'll work Diana Ross overtime  
    You know why?  
    Cause I can do it right (4X)  
    Yesssss I can!  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    If I was on the movies I'd frame Roger Rabbit  
    Play Spike Lee with Jessica, because She's Gotta Have It  
    But I'm not an actor, I'm just a mack  
    that charms girls as I whisper sweet nothings to attract her  
    And bring about that feelin of passion  
    to have her on my body like modern day fashion  
    Layin next to me, in pure ecstasy  
    You're like a door and you know that sex the key  
    So send your man to the lost and found  
    I'm bringin somethin that's world renowned  
    In other words - good lovin that's major  
    I got girls in more areas than a SkyPager  
    Runnin around sayin, "Please me, please me, please me"  
    That's why I say it ain't easy  
    But I've been able to maintain my status  
    with ladies mackin without if's and's or maybe's  
    And other players just can't understand it  
    And couldn't keep they girls even if they were branded  
    I always end up with them on my shelf  
    *SMACK* I gotta jump back and kiss myself  
    You know why?  
    Cause I can do it right (4X)  
    Yesssss I can

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