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    [Red]Yo, whassup Big Daddy?
    [Kane]Aiyyo whassup Red Alert?  I'm chillin Duke
    [Red]Yo do me a favor man -- pleeeeeease tell me
    About these big ol bubblehead girls out here

    [Big Daddy Kane]
    Well hey, you know that lady on the top floor of my buildin?
    The heavyset one with about ten children?
    You may remember her as a slim honey
    When her man name was Pimp Daddy Hustler Stack Money
    A big time drug dealer from around the way
    Slingin rocks, makin G's everyday
    He drove a big fat Mercedes Benz
    And even bought her a car to perpetrate for her friends
    It was a brand new Jag, with the spoiler and rag
    And the girl was a nag, cause all she did was just brag
    I mean baaaaaaaaaaad -- we know your coat cost a lot
    You didn't have to leave on the price tag
    And count the times her stomach got plump
    Havin baby after baby by the same old chump
    And then the day came, he left the dame shamed
    But who's to blame?  Y'all know the name of the game
    Pimp Daddy's wanted as he maxes and relaxes
    She can't even sue for money, pushers don't pay taxes
    So what's to do?  Oh yeah
    To feed ten mouths, she had to call on Mr. Welfare

    [Red]What?  Mr. Welfare?
    Man they playin high-post with low income
    Check this out -- when y'all go around to the corner
    Y'all gonna check out another episode
    Go like somethin like this..

    [Big Daddy Kane]
    Hey, if you think that suck, bust this
    Another little story as I reminisce
    About an old friend of mine that was livin out of order
    Makin money like water (illlllll-egal?)  Yeah, sorta
    He sold drugs and robbed a lot of people
    But in these days and times, who lives illegal?
    It's all about who knows the trade
    And who am I to knock him?  Homeboy was gettin paid
    He chose his own lifestyle to live - it was negative
    But his own prerogative
    Makin cash to flash and stash in half the trash
    The cops made the dash (sufferin succotash!)
    Because he had to do ten in the pen
    And then begin again to apprehend, huh
    But what's lost is lost, the reign is over
    (Huhhh, see ya!)  Nice to know ya
    Money, no longer can he collect it
    Can't even get a job cause he got a jail record
    So what's left?  No hopes of a career
    So yeahhh, he's callin Mr. Welfare!

    [Red]Mr. Big Daddy Kane
    They don't know what time it is about Mr. Welfare
    Do me a favor -- open up your book to page fifteen
    At the top and read it off like thisssssssss

    [Big Daddy Kane]
    Here's a story of a guy who had to cop out his life
    For bein a high school dropout
    In the ninth grade he wanted to get paid
    But now the young brother needs government aid
    Because in his past he decided to cut class
    And run in the streets to make ends meet
    No shame in the game of his
    But silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!
    So when you sat on the corner with a 40 ounce
    Talkin bout whattup?  Can't even pronounce
    Your words correct, now in retrospect
    That's a shame - but in '89, who gives a heck?
    There's no type of path to follow
    It's all about a dollar, fuck bein a scholar
    That's why your report card's through
    Like a BizMark beat, it reads eww-eww-eww-eww-eww!
    So now you wanna wake up and smell the coffee?
    Lookin for a helpin hand, but get off me!
    I tried to tell you the deal last summer
    Stay in school, and get yourself a diploma
    Now you're on your own, tryin to make it alone
    No food or home, chewin on a meaty bone
    So what's to do since the cupboard is bare?
    Brrring brrring!  Call on Mr. Welfare

    [Red]Yo Kane, that's the story about my man Mr. Welfare huh?
    [Kane]Yo like Chuck D said, how low can you go
    [Red]If she go any lower, she gonna have a personal problem
    Yo my man Mister Cee, cut it up money!

    * Mister Cee cuts "welll-fare" *

    [Kool DJ Red Alert]
    We-eh-el-el-el, el-el-elllllllfare, c'mon!
    Yeah Mr. Welfare
    He on some new stuff, what what is it?
    He all new and improved?
    Right?  Yeah, like that old Bug-Out stuff
    This guy, is he alright or what?
    I think he on a mission with no kind of learnin
    You know what Big Daddy Kane?
    We gonna have to take care of this matter
    Mister Cee, go ahead, cut it up
    My man Big Daddy Kane gonna see about my man Mr. Welfare alright?
    Places to go, people to see, things to do,
    And you know what else to get.. see ya!

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