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    Chorus: big daddy kane

    Come on yall and feel the groove

    Get on down and make your move

    Welcome to the funkiest

    Brooklyn style, laid out like this


    [big daddy kane]

    I kicks the flavor good, to represent the neighborhood

    Where I come from, and thats the place of brooklyn

    Where the grimies are born and bred

    And bullets are like eyeballs, two to the head


    Well is it brownsville?time to represent for the map

    Where the peeps smoke blunts and like to wear mad gold caps

    The party addict about to explode

    From the 1-1-2, the double-3 ill zip code

    [big daddy kane]

    Parlayin on the corner, drinkin 40s shootin cee-lo

    Its a brooklyn thing, aight?you know our steelo

    And for those who just dont know how it go

    Play like a substitute teacher and act like you know


    So yo, who wanna set it?    you better kick your best g

    You and your whole entourage couldnt test me

    I represent for the fo main

    And if youre not a booty bandit, then niggaz cant hang


    [big daddy kane]

    Now, lets get straight down to the point

    I represent for this brooklyn joint, baby pah, where were takin it to

    Makin a few dollars dont mean you gotta forget

    Where you come from and try to be someone, that youre really not

    And front with what you got

    Youre gonna be looked at as a black man still so keep it real

    What type of mission can I say you on?

    Because you musta done changed to some grey poupon, heh

    Im really happy to see you blew up

    But always remember my man you grew up

    In the pjs all your life, in a broken home

    (scoob: well alright now)

    Up in the pjs all your life, keepin it strong, what!

    I be the louis ave livin, live long lastin lover

    Bonafied black brother, word to the mother

    Skilled at trades at hand with those who made

    The man with support and always stayed a fan

    My dialectic style is perfected

    In ways you cant imagine rap bein accepted

    Funkll slam like a doper jam, pops

    Im takin mine like taxes with uncle sam

    So check out the asiatic type of flow

    Like water in the nile, but its brooklyn style



    Yo, this is big scoob, no practice

    Im flippin on niggaz like little kids on that mattress

    You know my style, baby pah from the pjs

    My lyrics so dope, they too fat for local djs

    So hear me out, no doubt, no need for screamin

    My boys in the back, clockin your jewels, and they scheamin

    Why did they step to me, I hit em, bow, bu-dow

    Knocked out his fronts cause the kid was mad fragile

    No need for beef chief Im rollin mad deep

    So pick up your teeth, I got him shakin like a leaf

    Not tryin to scare you, I just wanna aware you

    I bet you wont even look at my face (what what what) I dare you

    Yo nigga please, yo Im nice with these

    While youre guardin your grill, Ill be beatin up your kidneys

    Me and my boys with the fat tec 9s

    With my joint cocked back, in case a punk tried to take mines

    Where Im from theres no need for hesitation

    We cock and squeeze, now wheres the doctor for this patient?

    Hes drippin blood and now hes down to his last breath

    But he wont make it, cause he knows that my joint is def

    The ill, type of brooklyn artist

    Who rocks the har-dest, regard-less

    Who you know and where youre from I pull your file

    (how? ) brooklyn style


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