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    featuring Rudy Ray Moore  
    [Big Daddy Kane]  
    Mmm.. ohh yeah  
    Mmm, mmm, mmm, ohh yeah  
    Allow me to introduce myself  
    as the Big Daddy Kane  
    A smooth lover from around the way  
    that's bound to drive any bitch insane  
    [Dolemite (Rudy Raw Moore)]  
    Well Dolemite is my name  
    And rappin and tappin is my game  
    Oh yeah? Well me tell you somethin Mr. Dolemite  
    The shit you talkin years ago, I could see  
    But it's the 90's now and rap is all about me  
    Listen.. when it comes down to rappin  
    I was THROUGH with it before you learned what to do with it  
    I'm the KING so I'm stakin my claim  
    in the rappin game  
    Y'know? For all players, I am the speaker  
    I'm also known as the hot pussy seeker  
    When it comes down to ridin up and down in some pussy  
    I make it weaker  
    Also it gets a little deeper  
    I was walkin down Broadway the other day  
    An old old lady came my way  
    She said, "I'll be glad when you 'come 18  
    I'm gonna give you a funkin like you ain't never seen!"  
    I said, "LADY! Why wait for so much time to pass?  
    I've been WANTIN to tear up yo' old gray ass"  
    So I pulled out my dick  
    It was so shiny it looked like it was painted  
    The hoe took one look and damn near fainted  
    I stuck it in the bitch and the bitch began to shout  
    that, "Oh Mr. Dolemite, take that motherfucker OUT!"  
    Well you ain't sayin nothin slick to a can of oil  
    I walked barefoot from New York to Dallas  
    Won for Pimp of the Year at the Caesar's Palace  
    Made a big snowstorm on the 4th of July  
    And drunk the waters in the Atlantic Ocean til that shit was dry  
    I was makin money before Washington was put on a bill  
    And I kicked Jack's ass and took his hoe Jill  
    I'm the one who broke the bull's back  
    and made people say FUCK McDonald's and call ME the Big Mac  
    Why you long lanky motherfucker  
    You ain't nothin but a sucker!  
    I was born in a barrel of butcher knives  
    Shot in the ass with two Colt .45's  
    I've been slapped by a bear and bit by an eel  
    I chew up railroad iron, and shit out steel!  
    I jumped in the ocean and swallowed a whale  
    Handcuff lightning and throw THUNDER's ass in jail  
    Why you ignorant decrepit motherfucker  
    Let me tell you somethin  
    I'm the one that put the M in mackin  
    Because when you did it you was only actin  
    I made pimpin a full time job  
    so bitches wouldn't have to go out and rob  
    I made the streets of New York hot as a SAUNA  
    And hung a Home Sweet Hoe sign on every corner  
    Yes I'm the player of all players and the mack of all macks  
    Give a headache to Excedrin and knock the SHIT out of Ex-Lax  
    Why you insecure no business barn junkyard  
    rat soup eatin motherfucker!!  
    It was in the early 1960's when I originated my pimpin game  
    I was callin whores jives ass bitches  
    and pimps - sucker ass lame  
    KANE, before you can take my reign  
    You gotta cook me a chicken and a half a day  
    Walk from New York to Los Angeles and throw the bones away  
    You gotta be BORN BLIND and cannot see  
    Yo' bitches have the POCKS in the ass so bad they can't even pee  
    Ride a bald eagle a million feet in the AIR  
    And get out and do the runnin man while you up there  
    Have the Mumps and the Asiastic Flu  
    And the Crabs around yo' ass start singin the Yankee Doodle Doo!  
    Aww fuckit I give up

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