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    When you work, sometimes it's wet
    And when you sweat you're gonna get wet
    You're gonna get wet (OW!)

    Work it, oh come on now, work it, ow
    Now work, come on work it, ow
    (You're gonna get wet)
    Work it, once agin come on now, ow
    Oh, oh, oh, oh now

    [Verse 1]
    I was the one to say I'd get the job done, I did it and got with it
    I must admit it was well fitted
    A piece of the pie would be fly
    Instead of a crumb for a bum, uh I gotta get some
    But I don't wanna be a second hand, middle man
    I wanna take a grand stand and
    Makin' the cash flow grow
    Pullin' myself outta the dirt
    And a job ain't nothin' but work

    [Hook 1 with various ad-libs]
    A job ain't nothin' but work
    A job ain't nothin' but work

    [Verse 2]
    Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money got get me
    To get paid in this trade
    And I believe that I can acheive
    To make ends meet like a hair weave
    Survivin' in this economy people in the wold wanna be
    Stayin' in the upper class so you're the path
    The rich gets the most and the porr gets so little
    And only money love can make it in the middle
    I can't let life get the best of me
    I gotta take, take control of my own destiny
    Control what I hold and of course be the boss of myself
    No one else will bring my wealth
    I gotta hit them streets to make ends meet
    So just bust the style of a hustler
    Runnin' scam so damn many people will probably get hurt
    And a job ain't nothing but work

    [Hook 2 with various ad-libs]
    Workin' everyday
    All the damn week
    A job ain't nothin' but work to me
    Workin' everyday
    On the subway
    A job ain't nothin' but work to me
    A job ain't nothin' but work

    [Verse 3]
    No more workin' overtime
    You get your's and I'll get mine
    I won't stop at any cause
    I wont stop till I'm the boss

    [Hook 2 with various ad-libs]

    [Verse 4]
    Straight outta the ghetto
    None of the Beverly Hills or Flushing Meadows
    I made it this far had to gamble, scramble, ramble
    Ain't no shame in my game
    And I came through like a double bread
    But still there's more here
    I'm not the greedy I'm the needy, seekin' that financial status
    That where my pockets will be the fattest
    I'm not gonna be employed when times are hard
    I'm so against workin' I wouldn't even take a blowjob
    I'd rather do my own thing
    I gotta be the one in charge
    To make myself live large
    A J-O-B is not for me, I don't want no parts of it
    So take this obe and shove it

    [Hook 1 with various ad-libs]

    [Hook 2 with various ad-libs]

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