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    Yo, my metaphor, my musical madness
    Move and motivate those with musical talents, uhh
    Read it in bold print, we holdin it down
    Lick a shot, hip-hop when we in yo' town
    Uhh, master blaster sound
    Freak the future far from here and now
    With style, release increase the peace, uhh
    Bubble with the beat 'til they feelin the heat in the streets
    Now each one, teach one, reach one, young gun
    On one, listen to the warrior's drum
    Beatin up the block with the ghetto hop that knock
    and make you wanna crash the spot
    And unlock explode (BOOM) the alpha and omega code
    With drum rolls and old soul, we uphold
    And foretold to scores of six years ago
    Fast flow from G. Rap to Kool Moe
    Supasyllable, major to the minimal
    Every individual, bounce to the tempo yo
    Lungs collapse and raps be trapped in
    The only way to make it happen, jaw-jappin, fast rappin

    Yo, I'm the hot dog that run the hottest monologue
    In star poetic inserts and yes y'all s
    My speech is like holding two glocks apiece
    The outreach that rock police
    The super adventure men portend to put somethin in bitches
    Win when we write, the Emmy winner get hyped, off any printer
    And I came to get it (HIT IT)
    Like Operation PUSH, operate the tush
    Black octopus of soul, in inter-planetary patrol
    I planted my gold, and low and behold
    It's the brother doc, ready to rock-rock
    Don't stop Hobbes, I known like the lumberjack chop chop
    The wordsmith, I write in block letters of cursive
    Curse my circus, serve this surface
    And watch how the brother fet over
    The fly Cassanova with the frankencense odor

    [Percy P]
    Bear witness
    To where riches'll make career bi

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