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    Times was simply plain i knew they'd eventually change
    Let's take a trip down memory lane
    With the game talker, native new yorker
    Gators on my feet, formerly british walker
    Yes love, that's how it was before
    When you was funky fresh or down by law
    Parlay with your crew at the corner store
    Carrying a boom box til your arms were sore
    We be wildin' on the corner free stylin'
    Or politickin' bout doe we see piling
    Or either girls we be getting with, how we be hitting it
    Lying bout skins that we didn't get
    Slow moving at paces through the rat races
    The jordache look and fat laces
    Making moves any type of way
    I remember it like yesterday, hey

    Here's to you
    That's how it was before
    When you was funky fresh or down by law
    Way back in the days how we used to do
    Thank you for the good times y'all

    Verse 2
    Dj?vu, things ain't nothing new
    Shorties make me think how we used to do
    When you couldn't be sleeping, if you plan on keeping
    Hold of your sheepskin, heads do be peeping
    Think it can't happen to you, now could it?
    Came to school wearing puma's went home barefooted
    And on the weekends when everybody click
    To slide to the deuce to check karate flicks
    Come back around the way after dark
    So the crew could embark on the jam in the park
    What would happen that night, was to scrap in a fight
    Only way to break it up was playing rappers delight
    And as i sit back watching you
    Shorties out there doing what you got to do
    I feel for you being sincere
    Cause where you trying to go i already been there, yeah


    Verse 3
    Ain't nothing but love i got to give
    I don't playa hate cause we all got to live
    That negative lifestyle i prohibit
    Good life i got to live it, bubbly i got to sip it
    Now i'll admit that i sort of be flashing
    But yet and still i do it in an orderly fashion
    Bring on the honeys and watch me mack these, stack cheese
    Go on with your bad self, black caes
    Just when the game got the stakes set high
    Straight from bed stuy, the return of the jedi
    With a jewel cause i'm tired of seeing
    Charges being brought up, on brothers getting caught up
    Now it's about time we connect, organize and collect
    A new wold order's in effect
    I send this out to the shorties in the hood
    I wanna see you all live good



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