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    Knock knock

    [BG Knocc Out]

    Who's there ?


    Well its the gang S-T-A-ster

    [BG Knocc Out]

    The gangsta who ?


    Yo its your brother gangsta Dresta

    Open up the door so I can flow and let 'em know

    That me and BG Knocc is good to go to make the dough

    Thats my little brother, thats my dog, thats my nigga

    I'm the big brother cos i'm older and i'm bigger

    Here to clock the ends and hit the skins on the daily

    My little brother BG Knocc he drives the girlies crazy

    Close like buddies but yo he mo' than my brother

    We got two others and CC is our mother

    Grew up in Compton and the bootys on the westside

    Used to live in the eastside but we chose the bestside

    Had it kinda rough but that only made us tough

    We don't take much stuff, we kick up nuff dust

    Trust no hoe, or no man, shit can't even trust each other

    And even though I love her, time for me to drop my mother

    And thats just the way we was raise back in the days

    Me, myself and I from the cradle to the grave

    Never had a daddy, damn right i'mma bastard

    Mama was my daddy because daddy wasn't a factor

    Don't feel bad because I don't need a dad

    Its like this, I can't miss what I never had


    So nickidy Knocc can you come and wreck the set ?

    [BG Knocc Out]



    So won't you grab the microphone and flex next

    [BG Knocc Out]


    [BG Knocc Out]

    Well its the nickidy Knocc ready to pop like a glock

    With my brother D-R-E and we back on the block

    As these funky cluck hoes fuck all on the duck

    But for now my time is taken, so bitch you gets naythin

    Microphone check, hit the deck, if you can't take the heat

    Original baby gangsta's straight from the street

    With the beat that'll bump in the trunk of your shit

    So nigga bump this and I bet you bump a bitch

    With the quickness cos i'm quick to kick some dope shit

    K-N-O-double C-O-U-T will always make a hit

    And we'll never flip flop, always keep it hip hop

    A nigga dissin on my bro, watch him fall like a drip drop

    From the faucet, show me the mic and watch me toss it

    And kick some derranged shit to make you think i've lost it

    Ah shit, i'm ready to rock i'm ready to roll and rock

    So give a nigga some room before I tick and I tock

    And explode like a bomb with the mic within my palm

    Won't you take a walk with me through the Compton Vietnam

    And let me show ya, fools much bolder

    A busta is a punk compared to a fuckin soldier

    Act like you know, i'm a pro with a hell of a flow

    Kickidy K to the O, ain't no motherfuckin joke, so

    Step to a loc and prepared to get smoked

    By me and my motherfuckin big bro

    [BG Knocc Out]

    Now Gangsta Dresta can you come and wreck the set ?



    [BG Knocc Out]

    Now can you grab the microphone and flex next




    Well here I am, once again its the Dresta

    Straight outta Compton, original baby gangsta

    Quick to grab the microphone and come and start some conflict

    Never seen a convict, come and drop the bomb shit

    Take a good look because your lookin at a crook

    My life done been took, right outta Donald Owens book

    See I did the crime so I did the time

    But now i'm back out, packin my nine

    Scoopin up girls with the the swiftness

    And if its possible to stick 'em with the quickness, i'm with this

    I'll really don't need a girl but I do need a friend

    To give me some love, slap on the girlfriend hit the skins

    Packin the ends, payin the bills with my skills

    Never hesitate to tell somebody how I feel

    Me and my brother Knocc he doin damage in the 90's

    I was down straight from 88 up to 93

    That was like 5 years my little brother didn't have it, broke

    Around to help me go down the right path

    But i'm back out and we tighter than we've ever been

    Tryin to make some ends so we can go where we never been


    Now nickidy Knocc can we come and wreck the set ?

    [BG Knocc Out]



    Why won't we grab the microphone and flex next

    [BG Knocc Out]



    Me and my nigga Knocc Out

    [BG Knocc Out]

    We'll sock out

    A fool without no hesitation


    And split him up like segregation

    [BG Knocc Out]

    So when you steppin, you testin your luck


    Yeah fool and with nutter get your ass fucked up

    [BG Knocc Out]

    So stay off the diznick, you little triznick


    Knoccy niznick hit his ass with the pipe

    [BG Knocc Out]

    Dre catch him with the right


    Yeah, i'mma dog but I don't bark

    [BG Knocc Out & Dresta]

    We take a punk nigga to a park, bust caps in the mark

    Knocc and Dre here we go again, with the flow again

    From the westside, C-O-M-P-T-O-N

    Compton, Compton is what niggas yellin

    And hoes on my diznick everytime we bellin

    Question after another, yo we got the same mother

    Bitch so we real brothas

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