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    Easily I approach

    The microphone because I ain't no joke

    Nigga tell Kurupt, Nate and Daz i'mma buck 'em

    Matter of fact tell that whole pound I say fuck 'em

    It's a new year so put the bustas in their plizace

    BG Knocc and gangsta Dresta bring it to your fizace

    Riders on a mission

    I catch you slippin, you getting struck clown

    So fuck any busta thats down with the mutt pound

    [BG Knocc Out]

    It's the compton city G nigga

    Bow to your knees nigga

    Run up in your hood

    Cock back my strap and pull the treez nigga

    And if you slippin, you know i'm gonna wet cha

    I'm the baby boss hogg, better known as the dogg catcher

    Bow wow yipee yay, didn't you hear me say

    I'm a dogg killa, cos all doggs have they day

    Now who wanna fool me, if your not prepared to fight

    Little Knocc Out can't be phased, baby gangsta for life

    Chorus X2

    Dat Nigga Daz (Killa)

    Kurupt (Killa)

    Dr Dre (Killa)

    Mark ass niggas

    Snoop Dogg (Killa)

    Nate Dogg (Killa)

    Tha Dogg Pound (Killa)

    Fuck, fuck all y'all, niggas


    I bring the noise everytime a nigga wind me up

    I pull my nine and blow a mind, everytime I bust

    I trust no man and thats from now until infinity

    Nigga you either my homie or just consider yourself my enemy

    Niggas out here fake dog, like Nate Dogg

    I swear you made it, but talkin that shit to Dre

    Will get you and your DJ regulated

    Bitches come a diamond sack, so lets get it straight

    A fake is what I hate, so fuck Kurupt, Daz and Nate

    [BG Knocc Out]

    Motherfucking fake

    Niggas be thinking that they can get with the real deal

    What I would do, If I was you is take a chill pill

    Yet and still tricks, I gave your click a bust

    But when i see that busta Daz

    I gotta fade his ass

    Smash, down another puppy pound clown

    With the round from my smith

    And watch his body shift

    Drift his soul in the wind as they carry you

    And big K-O can dig your hole before they bury you

    Bridge X2

    Pranksters, studio gangstas, bustas

    Softer than a bitch but betrayed the role of gangsta

    Pranksters, studio gangstas, bustas

    Stupid motherfucker, yeah thats what i'm saying

    [BG Knocc Out]

    So now you niggas know, who in the fuck you fucking with

    B-G and D-R-E nigga, the baby gangsta click

    As we drop some gangsta shit

    From a real G's perspective

    Niggas get all like pumped

    While I stay calm and collective

    I check those suckas

    They callin self and causing ruckus

    94 set claimin, Snoop, D-O bangin bustas


    Much love, to the BG, CPT

    Much love, to the DRE, OBG

    Much love, to the Eazy-E, CPT

    And DPG don't wanna see us, see see

    You fools ain't nothing but marks, so fuck your set

    Now whats next

    I doubt if you wanna flex, no respect

    Run up and get wrecked

    You tried to diss the BG, although we let that shit pass

    Daz you fuck around and find your ugly ass

    Smashed in a trash bag, fool

    You wanna be caught up be laying down

    If you keep fuckin around with the Comp-town

    Chorus X2

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