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    I like big butts, but big tits drive me nuts

    And heres another cut from the Compton slut

    The naughty nigga named Dresta, the westside gangsta

    Comin back with more skills, than the buffalo bills

    I'm makin mo' deals, than a strawberry might

    I'll lick your clit, if you suck my pipe

    Cos I ain't ashamed to get down, on the ground

    And swing you round, like a merry-go-round

    While I held your mound

    The freaks come out at night

    But freaky Dre, comes anytime of the day

    Thats what they say

    Cos i'm the hornyest nigga in rap now

    So lay your bare back down

    And show me that crack now

    Damn, girl your a gift

    And bitches on Soul Train, still get my dick stiff

    And i've been watchin them hoes for a good minute

    Shakin that ass while I was wishin I was in it

    I'm all about bustin nutts

    And sexin up, the big girls butts

    Vanilla, brown or black ass can be

    Don't matter cos a bitch is a bitch to me

    So here bitch put your lips, around my weiner

    Bustin hoes from Compton to Alsadina

    Have you seen her

    Shake that ass with respect

    I pump more rump shakers

    Than Wrex-N-Effect

    How can a nigga say it right, lets see

    I gets more pussy than a dyke

    I like different hoes

    But I never get naked with a snake bitch

    Only pull my clothes to my ankle, wanna stank hoe

    Cos i'm a real nigga from the candy block

    And since i'm makin ends

    Hoes wanna hand me cock

    You think you got hoe'd to a rich brother

    But don't know i'm still broke than a motherfucker

    But i'mma let cha think I got the riches

    And keep runnin up in you gold diggin bitches

    Get the dough then I hit the do'

    To let the bitch know i'm the Compton hoe

    [Chorus X2]

    Bitch lay down

    Take of them clothes

    Spread the thighs wide open for the Compton hoe


    Compton new and improved

    With a groove guarenteed to hit

    And its more funky than Bootsy while he takin a shit

    Cos I can do mo', than you will ever know

    The neighbourhood hoe, with the Compton flow

    I'm never hesistent, when I represent my residence

    Givin it all I got, 165 percent

    Hangin out with my homies or my dogs everyday like

    Party never stop, tick tock till the day light

    Kickin it with my nigga BG moy, thats my homeboy

    Killin for the gusto, never trust a hoe

    Dresta's my name, original baby gangsta main

    Rest in peace to Vamp, Crazy D and Wayne

    Tick tock non stop on the block and its like that

    Gotta give a shout to my homegirl Nick Nack

    Tick tack toe, I got the dough but I want mo'

    Even though you know i'm a bonafied hoe

    See I gets the ends for the skins that I hit

    I get to lick your slit to make you kickin shit

    I getcha body hot with just one touch

    And for you to freak your stuff, won't cost you much

    Just 25 dollars an hour to make you holler

    Another 10 dollars i'll eat your pussy in the shower

    Come on and take your big booty for a ride

    I'll cover my eyes and let you be the guide

    Cos ain't no limitations on the things we do

    I'll let my tongue lick where you want me to

    As long as your kickin endo, I don't care so

    Bitch take a flick with the Compton hoe

    [Chorus X5]


    Your pussy be the lake that my face be fishin in

    So lick this dick to any bitch thats listenin

    Catchin more hoes than a target at a gun range

    Bitches call me daddy Dre, cos they know I run thangs

    Go with the flow cos you know i'm a pro

    At hustlin a hoe outta all her dough

    And i'm the type of nigga that never kick a grunyan

    But i'm quick to use my bunions, to kick you in your onion

    Hoes outta know I don't find shit funny

    You can keep your honey, bitch give me your money, yeah

    Cos being broke ain't no motherfuckin joke

    So give me a c-note for every stroke

    Broke in the fully, yeah money be the reason

    I do it every season, get paid while in skizin

    Never had to buy clothes, bitches buy me wardrobes

    Gotta keep a job bitch cos I don't fuck the poor hoes

    Yes you can say i'm a modern day gold digger

    Hoes figure I don't give a fuck cos i'm a bold nigga

    I'll tell it like it is, got to go with the flow

    If you got the dough call up the Compton hoe

    [Chorus X6]

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