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    50/50 luv

    [Gangster Dresta]

    Yeah, for 199 muthafukin 5
    Gangster Dresta just stepped through tha doors once again
    Dedicating this one to all my nigga's all across tha land
    We need a 50/50 luv back in tha hood you know
    Check this out

    [Verse 1]

    I walked through tha turf, me and smurf Jibajabaing about tha old day's
    Smokin on a joint
    Listening to tha old jay's
    Fuck's up my mind to see how time's changed
    It's all kinda strange
    Ain't a damn thang to say
    Back when it's was all about packing six blade
    Half of us, down now was running round bitch maid
    Did'nt wanna fight brotha's grown that was known
    But now it's on it
    One of dem homie's wont let me wrong
    Back then thing's were like high
    Even if tha homie's fight
    We still kept tha hood tight
    Damn wit eachother to tha last bit
    Now we got homie's puttin eachother's in tha casket's
    Used to roll shippy's now
    Nigga's wanna bennzee
    Money and dope dem brought jealousy and envy
    Nigga's got greedy
    And tha needy got left back
    Now your own homie is tha bitch of above your neck jack
    Sellin if your wit tha gat
    Strut in your mouth
    Used to sleep on your couch
    Spendin night's at your house
    And it's a damn change that tha hood ain't like it was
    Imm talkin about a 50/50 luv

    [Chorus x2]

    I Aint talkin about 75
    (A 50/50)
    Not 64 eah
    (A 50/50)
    Imm talkin about 50/50 luv

    [Verse 2]

    Tha homie's uesd to take us to tha liquor store to steel beer
    That was when my cosin gigalo was still here
    Body gave a bodie like mostly every weekend
    I've been trynna sneak in
    Trynna put my freak in
    See how time's changed when the sack's we used to bit wit
    Wit act's at now
    Is one of tha sack's that we tight wiv
    Time's still changing coz brotha's toning wiv tha stiches
    Can't seperate tha real nigga's from tha bitch'es
    Even in the jail house, nigga's being foney
    You really don't know
    Who to treat like a homie
    Back in the day's we used to claim we was brotha's
    And cosin's and shit
    And now we can't trust eachother
    Gotta watch my back
    Not just coz a brotha gaze for licker's that
    Bang from tha same thang that I claim
    Homie's locked down doing time in a chamber
    We talkin bout a lot be out treatin dem like a stranger
    I think I liked tha day's when I was back in like tha sixth grade
    Tickin about behind tha O-G's
    Learning how tha trick's played
    Damn a nigga really kinda miss how dem day's was
    Gee coz it was 50/50 luv

    [Chorus x2]

    I Aint talkin about 75
    (A 50/50)
    Not 64 eah
    (A 50/50)
    Imm talkin about 50/50 luv

    [B.G knocc outt]

    But tha homie's that's restin
    A fo a little drink right
    Behind many other's we go visit dem at there grave stake
    Forget tha bullshit
    Pass tha hat around tha room home's
    Let's go and visit tha homie's and put some flower's on dem tume stone
    Yeah coz that's tha leased we can do you know
    Be in tha hood that they died fo
    And loved one's cryin fo
    I missed dem wit a passion fo wat it's worth
    I hope I meet dem again when I leave from this turf
    And haven't lost many of dem
    And it's a shame that we let dem go
    Without lettin dem know we love dem
    But now imma let tha homie's rest in peace
    And all tha homie's that's sleepin wit eachother
    Lo That god aseecee's
    Can't speak about know body else
    Can't be street wit no body else until
    We be peace wit ourselves
    Homie's ain't homie's like dem was
    I really don't know who want's to fill me wit slug's
    Without tha backstabbin
    Every thing would probably fun
    That's how it is in tha hood that I come from
    Damn a nigga really kinda miss how dem day's was
    Coz coz it was 50/50 luv

    [Chorus x3]

    I Aint talkin about 75
    (A 50/50)
    Not 64 eah
    (A 50/50)
    I'm talkin about 50/50 luv

    Luv Ohh.

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