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    Closed eyes that walk among us, building castles in the air
    Lost in degeneration, absence in all you know
    Shed skin to hide reflection leaving no trail behind
    Neck deep in contradiction
    Forked tongue behind the smile

    Making it's way in the dark
    About to decide which way to go
    A life of disdain, a world left unchanged
    Condemned to swim against the grain
    The sun sets on existence, as one drowns in the flow
    The bending sea forever circles around us all

    We've built a culture where ignorance is bliss
    Brought unto this world human inflicted

    Why should we fall to the masses each day?
    Why did we come this far to just turn back anyway?
    We're auditioning for our own demise, and immune to the screaming

    So tie me up alone, far from the system hold
    I feel no patience, I see no cure
    Evolved in reverse
    Rise,'s your choice

    How did it all come to this???
    I want to know why...

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