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    So I travel on this road of emptiness another day
    As I hold these dust cloud dreams an instant fore they're blown away
    Could it be all this life's for is suffering?
    'Cause the sea is deep and I'm drowning in all the tragedies

    So I bleed maybe once or twice to rid the seeds from my veins
    The seeds that harvest the pain, all the pain of my darkest days
    And I've waited long enough for these things to change
    So I'll have no regrets before I take the blade

    As I lay down for the last time and leave all emotions behind
    Thinking not of the ones I'm leaving
    Just the hurt and the pain inside

    Oh the wait is over, letting go tonight
    The end of life is calling, echoing my fall from grace
    But I fear what lies ahead as my heart stops beating
    The change of life after death.

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