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    I breathe the absence of life, in a part of every breath I take
    Inhaling afterthoughts of ruin...and regret
    So no hope remains as I take another glass of pain
    And I swallow knowing things will stay the same
    I see that everything has gone so wrong for me
    And I wait and see if I can welcome back the light
    I'm following the suffering
    And the ones that never heal
    They're a part of me and I can't just leave them behind

    So I cry these acid tears, as I weep for those like me
    The ones whose apathy, ahderes them to this fate
    So I lie awake and the bottle always calls my name
    With an offering that I cannot refuse
    Who will come to taste the quality of despair
    It's so sweet that I enjoy it time and time again
    Is it charity that calls to me selling fragments of her soul
    Is a part of me foolish enough to indulge

    When the time comes let the blow come quickly and the blood run red
    I worry not 'cause I'm already dead

    So I'll not speak my last words
    For I've already said enough
    Their painted on the walls
    So will you bleed for me
    And together we will cross the sea
    Two for the ferryman to take our souls across
    I see that everything has gone so wrong for me
    And I wait to see if I can welcome back the light
    Following the suffering for the best parts of my life
    Now your rid of me
    But I'm not the only one.

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