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    There was a better day, unlike today,
    where the vision inside decided to stay
    Took the words that were true and the picture of you
    to the room where they rotted away
    And then I headed back to find out how it all began
    Now I know this pen will never leave my hand
    Won?t you sing me to sleep, I cannot stand the leak
    from the faucet that runs dry;
    it drips like the tear from my eye

    I kept the hope deep inside to keep you alive
    Though my arm hurts from writing, my heart?s paralyzed
    It continues to serve me although I?m not worthy,
    I can?t help but feel intertwined
    I found it started with a feeling that has broken, has broken down
    On the verge of running now I?m leaving, I?m leaving town
    I feel cheated, borderline defeated
    I feel empty, there?s nothing that can help me

    Paint a picture of a certain kind of love and throw it all away
    Help me figure out what this is all about; we?re both in this to stay
    Run away, get away, start to say ?I?m OK?
    Distance has no meaning when the truth just goes on,
    and on, and on, and on with you

    I?m singing songs of the broken heart?s delight,
    a message sent to your stereo tonight
    It takes some time when you think
    that you have won the journey back that you?ve only just begun

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