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    Shoulder to the wheel
    For someone else's selfish gain
    Here there is no choosing
    Working the clay
    Wearing their anger like a ball and chain

    Fire in the field
    Underneath a blazing sun
    Soon the sun was faded
    And freedom was a song
    I heard them singing when the day was done
    Singing to the Holy One

    Lead me on, lead me on
    To a place where the river runs
    Into Your keeping
    Lead me on, lead me on
    The awaited deliverance comforts the seeking
    Lead on

    Bitter cold terrain
    Echoes of a slamming door
    Chambers made for sleeping forever
    Voices like thunder
    In a mighty roar
    Crying to the Lord

    Man hurts man
    Time and time, time again
    Though we drown in the wake of our power
    Somebody tell me why

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