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    I follow all the rules
    Well, at least I'm trying
    Hoping when my days are through
    You'll be pleased

    I've lived the longest days
    Thinking my heart was so bad
    Too scared to look in your face
    Oh, if only I had

    And is it alright
    If I stay here all night
    By the shoreline

    I cannot believe you are angry or unjust
    You've done nothing but have compassion on us
    So be near me when I've given up
    Be near me

    I'm just like everyone else
    We are all hiding
    Acting like I have a wealth
    Of knowledge and peace

    But all I've ever wanted
    And what men have given their lives for
    Is a God who understands my weaknesses
    A God that I can love



    I believe you are good and righteous
    You've given me your reckless love
    So be near, be near...

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