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    I ran around the room again
    I ran outside and ran back in
    And I just couldn't get away from myself
    I don't care what tomorrow brings
    I won't back down for anything
    I want to think that I was made for something else

    I can't wait anymore
    I'm ready to reach
    So I'm closing the door behind me

    All that I can do is hold onto you
    And follow where you lead
    Where you're leading me
    All that I can do is hold onto you
    And let you bring me through
    It's all that I can do

    There are days I think I don't need you
    There are days when I can't see the truth
    I need you to save me from the lies
    Because every thought that's in my head
    And even when I draw my next breath
    You knew it all before there was time



    When the waves begin to rise
    And all my hope fails
    In confidence I'll close my eyes
    Trusting you'll be there


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