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    I'm reaching out for your love
    You are the only one I'm thinking of
    Let me touch you babe with all my heart
    Try to promise me, we'll never part

    Whoa whoa whoa what can I say
    I need your lovin' babe, everyday
    Whoa whoa whoa, I have no pain, I'm just the same man
    Just trying to get your love, I wanna give it back

    Every Monday is the beginning of my week
    Every Tuesday, I have to hit the street

    Whoa whoa whoa what can I say
    I need to feel your body, a both night and day
    Whoa whoa whoa I feel so good when I know babe
    You love me so, I wanna hold you
    I wanna hold you

    You are my pride and joy
    Would you reach out baby
    I'm your little toy, yeah I am

    Whoa whoa whoa what can I do
    I need to hold on tight to you
    Whoa whoa whoa what can I say
    Let me love you, baby, night and day

    Hey hey, hey, love, love is what I'm looking for
    I'm reaching out, I'm reaching out for more
    I'm reaching out, reaching out, reaching out
    I wanna a little loving, loving, loving
    Honey, I need your loving
    I need your loving

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