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    I've got so much love to give
    Too much to keep for me
    I want to share my love with you my dear
    You and me together loving each other forever

    Love is free, satisfaction has a price
    (Love is free, Whooooooo)
    I want to make you happy for the rest of your life

    I've been loving you a long, long time
    And I can't seem to get you off my mind
    And I always want you near would you please hear my plea
    I want to love you all the time

    Love is free, satisfaction has a price
    (Love is free, Whooooooooooooo)
    And you and me (You and me) will have true love for the rest of our lives

    In my heart now's the time
    I've got so much love for you baby
    Please say you will always be mine
    Wherever you are, (Wherever) wherever you are, (Wherever) I want to be with you, me dear
    Talking, walking, sleeping, even dreaming
    (Talking, walking, sleeping, even dreaming)

    Love is free, free as the breeze
    (Love is free, Whooooooooooooo)
    The special feeling I have for you honey
    For you I'll love the rest of my life

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