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    Just imagine a world where hearts don't break
    And goodbye was a word no one would say
    Where people were people, not cogs in machines
    And a child had no worries, just cartoons and dreams

    Just imagine a night with me back in your arms
    Where the light of tomorrow outshines the dark
    Where no one walks out, they only walk in
    Until then, I'll just imagine

    Just imagine a clock whose hands would reverse
    And pride had no voice 'til love spoke first
    Where you pull in the drive when the work day is through
    And I'm waiting there like I used to do

    Just imagine a home where we live and we laugh
    And look to the future, not old photographs
    It's my wish on a star, my prayer in the wind
    Until then, I'll just imagine

    Just imagine how clearly I see through these tears
    How badly I miss you and wish you were here
    The sound of your voice, the touch of your skin
    Until then, I'll just imagine

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