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    I still wear a locket with a picture of you and me by the river;
    Was it that long ago? I can still feel that chill of September;
    All the leaves falling down Just like they are now as I stare out my window.

    CHO: I'm not missing you, I'm not missing you;
    You're no longer a part of my life,
    Now if only my broken heart knew.
    I'm not missing you.

    Got your sweater on, you know the one that I gave you that you never wore;
    Guess I'm better off, that you didn't like the color 'cause it keeps me warm;
    All the memories neatly penned on the pages of the journal
    Full of things I'm still holdin' onto that I should've lost long ago.


    A knock on the door, a telephone ring,
    A card in the mail, I wanna believe;

    (INSTRUMENTAL to verse)


    I'm not missing you, I'm not missing you.

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