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    I could be persuaded,
    To give my heart to you.
    If you promised not to break it,
    'cause that's so easy to do.

    You could be the answer,
    To every prayer I've prayed.
    So keep on doin' what you do,
    'cause I could be persuaded.

    If just one kiss makes me feel like this,
    I know there's a chance we could make it.
    If you want this dance, offer me your hand:
    Chances are good that I'll take it.

    'cause I could be persuaded,
    To give my life to you.
    I know it's crazy, baby, we were meant to be,
    And I could be persuaded.

    Instrumental break.

    Keep on doin' what you doin',
    'cause I could be persuaded.

    I could be persuaded, yeah, yeah.
    I could be persuaded.

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