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    Heartbreak feels like a one way road.
    Where the pain lies in one direction for I have nowhere to turn to.
    Count the days of those several sleepless nights, worrying all about what your doing.
    Are you better than me?
    It hurts for me to hurt you girl.(it hurts to bite my tongue).
    Her name sends out a message "don't fall for it." don't feel for her, she has no one to turn to.
    Count the days of those several restful nights not worrying all about who your doing.
    You will never be better than me.
    It puts a smile on my face knowing that your memory is six feet in the dirt.
    I did this out of love, never out of hatred.
    Oh why and how did you ever get the best of me!
    Satisfied that the last thing you tasted was our gunsmoke kiss.
    You taste better dead than when you were alive.

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