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    Some say that the world is falling apart. wouldn't you agree with that!
    Baby we already know thta the world is dead to us.
    Let us return the favor. by putting an end to all of this.
    Living a lie is more painful than the truth. there are more things worse than death and one of them is you.
    My mistake for carving my name inside your head. your the only person, the only one I regret. this is not what I promised to myself. death seemed like the only option.
    I have fallen for this many tims before. you tell me it's one thing and now it's the other. thanks to you, I'll never be the man I once was.
    Do I dare ask, "how does that make you feel?"
    Yours truly, "I'm the one who got away."
    My heart turns to ashes... I am buried with her taste.

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