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    Separate from thy will. separate yourself from your will.
    Thy kingdom come thy will be done... what does it take to let me in. to see your scars(to let me in).
    The moonlit sky has cast it's spell. putting me in your wishing well.
    I'll do whatever it takes. to keep my heart in the right place.
    What does it take to let me in? to see your scars(to let me in).
    I watched you fall apart. I've tried to help. I've watched you put a knife in your hand. stabbing me with your first chance.
    I will do it all, I will give it all, and I will pray for all. for one more day...
    What are you afraid of? how will I ever see the stars again?
    When ii's so hard for me to hold my head up high but I'm willing to know that faith is always there.
    Will you be the be there for me? I am with you. one more day with you...

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