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    Let's watch it burn...
    Why must you feel the need to question anything(everything)?
    Would it kill you not to have the answers? if so? I'd rather keep my mouth shut. fuck you. I didn't ask for this. no one to blame but myself. liars, hypocrites, cowards, bastards. why must you destroy everything that's fucking pure?
    I accept the fact that my murder will come with a smile. the sound is endless. cut through so deep, the world is hurting.
    Our hearts go to sleep why must you feel the need to judge everything (everyone)? when you think your shit don't stink, I can always smell shit a mile away. just because I got your "jesus," doesn't mean I need religion. liars, hypocrites, cowards, bastards. I no longer apply myself to the everyday world, sometimes it feels damn good just to watch the world fucking burn. a vouce speaks to me, whispering silently, 'the worst is going to be falling apart slowly."

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