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    Aren't you glad you can still feel pain
    Aren't you glad you still feel anything
    Aren't you glad you can still complain
    Aren't you glad you're still the same
    Make you run through life when you could walk
    Make you scream when you wanted to talk

    Would you rather wave a flag
    Or wave goodbye
    Would you rather flood your heart
    Or dare let them see you cry
    Rather fight a war or live in fear
    Aren't you glad to be here

    You can't know till you do
    By then lesser thieves have spoken for you
    With their quiet demands
    In a whispered hush
    You may have to lie
    When the truth hurts too much

    As life traces the lines in our faces
    I won't look away
    Some die too young
    Some live too long
    How dark is gone

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