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    I know that you're in there,
    I can see you.
    You're sayin' you're okay,
    I don't believe you.

    And now that the gig, is up the spell is broken,
    The fat lady sung, the president has spoken,
    These days that you were waiting for will come and go,
    Like anyday, it's just another day.

    There's never gonna be a moment of truth for you,
    While the world is watchin'.
    All you needed is the thing you've forgotten,
    and that's to learn to live with what you are.

    So freak out if you wanna,
    And I'll still be here.
    Don't call me for years and when you do,
    ya I'll still be here.

    I'm not saying the effort is a waste of time,
    but I just love you for the things you couldn't change though you've tried.
    These hours of confusion they will soon expire,
    like everything... does.


    Sometimes everything you've ever wanted floats above,
    Stickin' out it's tongue and laughin'.
    While everything that anyone could ever need is down below,
    Waiting for you to know this.


    You've got to learn to live with what you are (x2)

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