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    Throw this book away
    All the sadness all the rage
    Throw this book away
    Rip out the binding, tear the glue
    All of the grief we never ever knew
    We had it all along

    Now its smoke
    The things we've written in it
    Never really happened
    All of the people come and gone
    Never really lived
    All of the people have come have gone

    No one to forgive smoke
    We will never write a new one
    There will not be a new one
    Another one, another one
    Here's an evening dark with shame
    Throw it on the fire
    here's the time I took the blame
    Throw it on the fire
    Here's the time we didn't speak
    it seemed for years and years
    Here's a secret
    No one will ever know the
    reasons for the tears
    They are smoke

    Where do all the secrets live
    They travel in the air
    You can smell them when they burn
    They travel
    Those who say the past is not dead
    Stop and smell the smoke
    You keep on saying the past is not dead
    Come on and smell the smoke
    You keep saying the past is not even past
    You keep saying
    We are, smoke

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