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    Hey wait, that's, ah, Joe
    and that's Leo.
    And your name is? Rachel.

    Rachel, how are you?
    Joe and Leo say, "hello"
    [yes, they do]
    they love you, Rachel
    [oh, they love you]
    they just want you
    to have a good time

    Rachel, they love you
    as you can see,
    Come out here Joe,
    come on out.
    Joseph loves you
    [oh, it's true]

    he's gonna love you in a good way,
    he's gonna love you in a good way, Rachel
    good way,
    good way,
    good way

    That's right.
    You feel good.
    These people feel good.
    Ah, it's catching on,
    it's catching on!
    Yeah, it is!

    everybody's got that good feeling
    my girl Rachel's
    got you rockin' and reelin'
    Ben Folds on the piano,
    reelin' and dealin'
    Darren Jessee behind the drums
    thinks that she's got that good god feeling

    Rachel, one more time. [Rachel screams]
    Rachel, one more time. [Rachel screams]
    Rachel, two times. [Rachel screams]
    One more time. [Rachel screams]
    That is so good.

    Ya'll, what's your name standing beside Rachel?
    Heidi? Holly.
    Whatcha got Holly?
    Now, come on, loud as it gets. [Holly screams]

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