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    Jake: I wish I didn't make that bet
    Thats not the guy I want to be
    If I could just turn back the clock
    Then Janey would still be with me

    Janey: Tell me mom, what should I do?
    I love this boy but he has been untrue

    Jake: I'll do my best to make things right

    Janey: I wish we could resolve this fight

    Jake: It could happen...
    Janey: It could happen!

    Jake + Janey: At the prom tonight!

    Mitch: I'm gettin' pussy no matter what!

    Bruce: Even if its with dirty slut!

    Ox: True love is what I want the most!

    Cook: I just jerked off in your french toast!

    Catherine: So what if we have the same mother...
    Tonight I'm gonna fuck my brother...

    Priscilla: In a few hours I'll be queen of the prom!

    Mr. Briggs: I've been in institutions since my first year in Nam!

    Austin: I'm takin Janey to the prom and she doesn't know why!

    Malik: I'm only in this song because I'm a black guy! Hey! Look Out!

    Janey: I have no money, I have to make my own dress...Aah Aah!

    Areola: Look at me, my breasts are perky! Yes!

    Jake: I'm gonna win her back no matter what it takes!

    Janey: Here I go, I gonna forget about Jake!

    All: Prom tonight, do do do do-do
    prom tonight, do do do do-do
    prom tonight, do do do do-do

    All: Its gonna happen...
    Its gonna happen...
    happen...At the Prom.....TONIGHT!

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