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    Norina, your man is a ghost
    and lives with a war in his soul
    oh, suffers from lifetimes before
    oh, Norina, let the next one be gold

    Norina, they're killing me [?]
    I put a gun to the head of the man
    who stole the life I needed
    oh, I needed
    Norina, I hope it don't burn

    Norina, you won't be alone
    as soon as this rope
    breaks my neck into pieces
    oh, I mean it
    I'm cursed to the bone,
    but in pieces
    Norina, I'll carry on

    look at my eyes
    the satellites beaming back
    messages from the other side
    yeah, spare me my life,
    spare me my life,
    spare me my life,
    my life

    Norina, your love isn't lost
    I swore as you fell to your knees
    for the life of a man
    whose soul's been cheated
    oh, Norina,
    Norina I hope it don't burn

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