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    Stop the bus
    I wanna be lonely
    When seconds pass slowly
    And years go flying by
    You gotta stop the bus
    I'll get off here
    Enough's enough
    I'm leaving this factory

    All she wants
    Is food on the table
    I won't be able
    To bring it home
    All she wants, come on,
    All I need is free
    I'm a factory

    Did Mother Nature tell you
    Boy you come and go as you please
    That's what she said to me
    Big brother got the keys
    And I got Jackson Cannery

    Millionaires and mill rats live side by side here,
    Messed up my brother's mind
    He's far from earth
    What's he worth
    The same as you or me
    In this factory


    It's 4 in the morning
    Mother don't know
    That I'm going far away
    She's whispering to the moon
    I hope he don't join you soon

    Baby boss
    Climbs up on his soapbox
    But Great Caesar's ghost
    Knows what's best for me
    He says stop the bus


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