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    Half asleep
    Half a billboard, half a street
    That's my window
    All-in-all, if you wanna know
    Half asleep

    Old friends and strangers
    They treat me like a little girl
    Oh, but not you dear.
    You were always here.

    Like back in the black and white spotlight
    I'd smoke a pack down
    And you were sittin pretty there
    Just like you're doing now.
    Oh we were so in love or so they'd say.
    I coulda gone all the way.
    But like everything else. I did it half way.

    Half asleep
    That's where the dreams and demons meet
    Say, stop the laughter.
    "Dim the roar. This club's not funny anymore."
    Friends used to say that to me (and)
    Treat me like a little girl. Oh, but not you dear.
    You were always here.

    Like back when we'd drift along out of sight.
    The band would play; I would sing my heart out
    For drunken crowds. It didn't mean a thing.
    Oh, we were SO in love and oh,
    I'd loved you so.
    And it seemed like an hour ago.

    And when I'm down and out
    I'd try to figure out
    "What was it all about the world that always stayed there?"
    I'm wondering "oh, how".
    I wanna take another breath

    Half asleep
    Oh, no, no, no

    No keep talkin
    Im still here
    Don't let them take you away my dear
    Someone said "He can't hear you he's half asleep"
    Have fun...

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