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    Here the bridges just aren't long
    Enough, I walk but never
    Reach the other side.
    Here this building's never tall
    Enough for me to touch the sky.
    I've heard about a place where
    Everyone knows how to fly,

    Here statues on a palace
    Lawn are all the friends I had
    That turned to stone.
    Tears rolling down their ivory
    Cheeks they didn't make it home.
    I'm going to a land where all the
    Hearts beat at one time,

    Everybody's fine in Shangri-La,
    Children draw the trees there in
    Crayola forest green.
    Everybody smiles in Shangri-La,
    Built inside the pearly whites so
    Bright they light the day.

    Here within the land of make
    Believe, it's lipstick and a comb,
    And it's Judas on a throne.
    Weird how silver lies and golden
    rules they teach their
    Kids in school to never say
    Forever so they severed all
    Their ties with Shangri-La

    They say it never rains in
    Shangri-La a multi-colored
    Rainbow fades into a neon sky
    Taste candied coated halos
    While pakadotted ponies teach
    The children how to fly

    Here our seasons have all
    Learned to share the summer
    Sun can warm the winter air
    Here leaves only fall to kiss
    The ground and it makes
    The sweetest sound
    We'll start another language
    Using all the words that
    Rhyme with Shangri-La

    The silver snow in Shangri-La
    Turns to silver sand so it will
    Never melt away come along
    With me to Shangri-La we'll
    Build a silver snowman on the
    Warmest summers day
    No one ever cries in Shangri-La
    We take a kiss and mix it
    With a glass of ocean wine
    And if you close your eyes

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