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    Hello Mr. Good Intentions
    How are you today
    Have you made some more
    Promises that we're bound
    To break
    You've been around such a
    Long, long time, and it's easy
    To see what you're doing to me,
    It's time to draw the line.

    Go away Mr. Good Intentions

    Living by the seat of your pants
    What ever comes will go,
    Your will and your actions
    They change like the wind
    Whichever way it blows.
    You say we're doing fine,
    But look in the mirror
    And you'll see the pain that
    Hides behind these eyes

    Leave me alone Mr. Good Intentions

    Goodbye Mr. Good Intentions I've
    Sat on your fence too long,
    Everything that you
    Said has been hurting
    My head, it's
    Time I moved along.
    I'm sure I won't miss
    You at all, I'm tired of
    Your lies get out of my life,
    Farewell, adieu, so long.

    Goodbye Mr. Good Intentions

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