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    When inspiration's flown away
    And I've got nowhere to go
    If I try to think too deep and lose
    My shovel it gets me out of a hole
    Red and yellow apple corner
    Rainbows hang from the door
    Mr.Happy studies cymbals as if
    They mean something more
    Digging down to bedrock ampeggy
    Singing bass to the twin
    The multi-colored stars make it
    Hard to tell where the sky stops
    And the ceiling begins
    It's quite a view from under
    Panorama Avenue
    Every afternoon...
    In the lions's den
    Can't exterminate the influential
    Insects walking on the wall, lock
    The door or the Hooper Lane gang
    Will be the death of us all.
    Spaceace catface sticking out his
    Tounge got stars in his eyes,
    Lenny and Bill just materialized
    Right before our eyes
    Our favorite wise guys bearing
    Triple gifts of pizza pie
    Taunt and criticize...
    In the lion's den
    Maybe someday we'll move out
    From underneath the pride
    Get to play outside...
    The lion's den

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