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    So you're so big and I'm so small
    You're ten feet high I'm under tall
    You just go on and on and on

    You're all nine yards
    I'm just a few
    I've never won you'll never lose
    According to your on and on

    But let me tell you something,
    You might want to hear
    Step a little closer I can
    Scream it in your ear

    I think, you think, I'm a big fat
    And I think that's just fine

    You're the cat's meow
    I'm just a rat
    You're the big catch
    They'd throw me back
    You still go on and on and on

    You'd have the world
    I'd give it back
    You see success I see a trap
    Your chains go and on and on

    'Cause what I've got is what you
    Want and what you got
    Is not a lot
    If you would look at it from an
    Eternal point of view
    You keep climbing up the ladder
    Leave behind the things that
    Matter, ever stop to wonder
    What it is you're climbing to

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