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    I'm going to break my legs in silence
    In the house
    In the field
    Where we left you to die
    In your bedroom with your music at one hundred
    Necessity is leaving me
    I'm going to get up and go to work
    To an office in the mountains
    Calculations of destruction with computers
    The alarm clock acts as mother
    The effects of a system that keeps looking down upon intuition
    Pull yourself out of the gutter
    When you're bleeding
    And it feels just like your bleeding
    She was seventeen and she was a baby
    She was a baby when she was just seventeen
    But it's a ghost town
    Ghost town face down
    In the belly of a whale
    This machine makes many machines to move upstream
    And a swarm
    Blood borne pathogens
    You made in mind you'd change the cars up
    Well i got home but you really got home

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