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    Tire this wrecking ball on jagged line been waking morning
    A self defense machine to keep me up for the time being
    Produce the presses, omit the signs
    It can be read in the morning paper
    The first great step in the experiment
    To crush
    And kill
    This partial reason
    Like a cesar
    To seize the day
    And the season
    Or to cower, like a demon
    Regrets will fall today
    Spread out
    Like a venus
    Into mucus
    Into muscle
    Blown by sand
    Stand into the mountains
    Aphrodisiac to pull me west again
    Tire this hidden cave to jagged line and step inside it
    And line by line it's written, your blood will spill when you've left my carcass
    Into it's broken wheels, your four point stance is eaten
    Regrets will fall today
    Our shields will fall today
    Hibernation for some time now
    Sleeping bears to wake at dawn
    Travel far to surf the sky
    Been bolted down and stepped on

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