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    He was thinking like a mad man
    He was jealous on his own
    And the sooner he figures
    That he won't be going home
    They left him the front key
    Post it in when you go
    Gave that man one more chance
    To prove that there's no more

    I have told you life's a worry and it's true
    Your so serious so what is it with you

    There never has been
    So many rules crossed out in one
    You can tell it to yourself
    When your the only one having fun
    You remember the difference
    Your held together my son
    And the subtle seggestions
    Dropped by everyone

    It's a good song for someone
    Now who's that going to be
    My appetite for soul tonight
    Is begging down on me
    If it rolls then it rocks
    And if you don't push them it stops
    If you see the people shouting out
    Your allowed to shout out too

    I wouldn't ask if you knew
    He's not that sure of his charm
    One more taste can't be a waste
    Not where this one's from

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