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    [Chorus:Baby and Jazze Pha]
    I keep my rims-on the rocks
    I keep my jims'- on the rocks
    I keep my drink-on the rocks
    That's how I'm living-My life, my life, my life
    I keep my briefs-on the rocks
    I keep my platinum teef's-on the rocks
    I keep my bank-on the rocks
    That's how I'm living-My life,My life, My life

    [Baby] (Jazze Pha)
    You see that silver satin ma', that's beautiful daddy
    I put them 22 rocks on that brand new Caddy
    Y'kno AMG wit' chromed kit pipes
    (Lord, Lord, Lord that's a beautiful site)
    Aiy it's a milli-milli nigga, milli-milli-milli nigga
    Million blocks, million in rocks nigga, million cars
    The Ro-Roc-Rock Boy, rock your ice and rock your toy
    It's the birdman daddy, no time na' pause
    If Y'no it's gon rain let it rock ya fall
    Don't non come from the top, but birds and ball
    I'm grateful for the man that gave it all
    But I rock my world and I thank the man
    ''cause I came in dis bitch wit my dick in my hand
    Got that Caddy on broaders, block milli-malla
    Nine-millimeter make the baddest nigga ball up


    My grill ma' straighten 'em all
    Gucci- Gabanna - fuck the cost
    Fendi - Prada- I'll burn them all
    They been down we gotta ball
    You back it up - I'm lovin' that
    I'm smacking up ya shorty back
    Gambs' is up, better stack, I bought the truck
    I covered that, Ghetto rich still lock them thangs
    Money still in mansions man
    CMB, 10 a ki' , wodie ain't nothin' changed
    But I still got my ghetto stripes
    Red - blue and yellow ice
    That's all I rock, Fuck the cops
    They want me in that jail fa' life


    Aiy! I'm Stuntin' Tonight
    Whoo! It's goin down tonight
    Hmm Hmm, I'm poppin' some crist
    I'm lookin' fa' some hoes ta put on my list
    Fits Tailored in the 'Vette with the platinum ass
    That Gucci rag with the Bird in the bag
    It's the Prada man, you prolly see me in brand new jag
    Gucci tailored, ma' don't tell me that


    Nigga, I went from big 'Bok shoes in Rollsta 23 inches
    This cadillac so y'kno I'm pimpin'
    Fo' insurance I don't play that, I'm filled with begets
    Riding through Eastover look that is where I stay at
    I drive a Bentley and park a Bentley
    Buyin' rims by the feet ''cause they short on inches
    Look I'm on the block nigga, off the top nigga
    Go and cop nickels - something on the rocks nigga

    [Baby and ('Lac)
    Look I spend my cash, Hoodrich (nigga don't ask)
    Croc-a-dile interior, the platinum glass
    22 inch buttons on that G-wag
    Got tha mink on tha flo', swine seats lil' daddy
    I'm the boss of the ghetto in the '98 Caddy
    It's big pimpin' baby, I'm Weezy Wee daddy
    Got the green pinky ring, the rock thirty carats
    I keep it all hood, nigga check my status


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