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    [Intro: Baby]
    Uh huh uh huh
    Cut me up in my head, Cut me up nigga fuck
    Ay ay Fresh, its all gravy baby
    Its my turn nigga, I'm under the burn biotch
    If you ain't getting money, you's a crazy motherfucker (got to be a crazy motherfucker)
    I ain't getting money, I'm probably a crazy motherfucker (lord help me)
    This is a biotch, biotch

    Come on nigga
    Its them pimpin, ballin, gangster macks
    Theys old school caddies with them bows and racks
    The new school bens with them bows to match
    But its the Birdman daddy got them O's of crack
    A nigga off the diet cause a nigga gettin fat
    Them throwback jerseys with them throwback hats
    Burberry timbs with the fence to match
    And I'm so so fly, and mommy like that
    Ounces of that purple and we do it by the sac
    Rag-top bens with them rag-top lacs
    Nothing to a gangsta nigga choak your strap
    We live for money, hoes cooking that crap
    Them 20" rims and them tires are flat
    There ain't no question, that stunna is a mack
    A nigga thought it was over but bitch we back
    With daimonds in the middle PIMP, daimonds in the back BITCH

    [Chorus: Mannie Fresh - repeat 2X]
    Every Place that I went to
    About a hundrend bad broads say they sent you
    A picture of themselves but naked, ya heard
    They all wanna be Ms. Bird, Ms. Bird

    You know I got that Crystal on the rocks
    You see a nigga's jewels, no name on the watch
    Until a nigga die these cops gon watch
    But I don't give a fuck nigga, the shit don't stop
    All I'm trying to do is stack a knot
    Them aligator seats with them brand new drops
    Them hoes gonna jock cause they see a nigga hot
    Riding on my jet skiis behind a nigga yot
    Ten up in my ear ma ten up on a watch
    Real hot girls gonna jock a spot
    So grab a nigga dick bitch drop it like its hot
    The same old nigga off them up-town blocks
    I came around your corner and I shit your spot
    It's (?) and I serve your block
    A Cash Money hot boy and I pop the lock
    A know beat boy with the rooka rooka rock biotch

    [Chorus - 2X]

    [Mannie Fresh]
    Now Dada, Barbara, Kiesha, Tarisa and Dawn
    I'm tired of having sex and I want to go home
    But I cant leave yet cause they kissing each other
    Plus I'm hot and I'm horny, I'm getting my rubbers
    What that tatoo on your tittie say, Hood Rich
    Let me your ass, oh wolves' bitch
    God damn Ms. Kiesha ain't your momma a teacher
    Your sister is a mister and your daddys a preacher
    Now you's a mixed up screwed down dike type chick
    If you ain't eating pussy then you sucking good dick
    Now every place that I go to
    About a hundred grimey niggas say the know you
    And they all got that movie that you made with that man
    Don Da Don Don Don, stop playin
    If you seeee, the movieeee (triple x bitoch)

    [Chorus - 2X]

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