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    yea we all go oldschool
    u know what i'm saying
    if u from where i'm from
    you know what i'm talkin about
    what u do tell me
    this is cashmoney classic
    i fell cause nobody do it like im gonna do it
    so here we go world im bregin my world to your world
    you know what im talken about

    [hook x2]
    get your shyne on
    get your shyne on
    get your shyne on
    so nigga stall way
    get your shyne on
    get your shyne on
    get your shyne on
    you know we gon make

    [verse 1 baby]
    boy the way we trust
    the neigborhood is us
    and everything we ride
    is 22's and up
    and every time that i slide
    is platunm plus
    make the hood understand
    that we tryin to come up
    24's on trucks
    just the neighboorhood lust
    till one pcrusier  that everybody comin up
    cause everybody wanna ride
    everybody wanna shyne
    so how u love that people
    everybody wanna grind
    and these project cuts
    the hood rich levine lash
    one full team
    u know we had to hide it
    once apoun time it was nothing but madness
    everything worked out and my momma was glad
    chaseing papper papper
    chaseing look thats all dope
    comein throw the neighborhood on 24's
    $1000 dollors shoe thats all u know
    nigga  come up with some more
    fastmoney cashmoney
    that all i know

    [hook x 2]

    [verse 2 lil wayne]
    i woke up like
    i got a S on my chest
    mybe its that cashmoney piece
    so going on
    Gangsta to the core
    Ankle wrap flamer
    Paint your kicthen floor
    Wit ur whore
    Shit you can't ignore
    Things you indore when u fuckin wit the boy
    All i hear is weezy don't kill me no more
    so tuck that ice in
    cause you aint iced out
    I'm not a category
    I aint there wit ya'll
    I got a positive vibe but i ain't scared of ya'll
    Git the kid nigga did never that at all
    That rat a tat go off
    A black kak kak kak
    I gotta bitch so fine her name perrion(?)
    She no how to stash quarters in a carry on
    I blow outta town
    grass when i'm outta town
    Uptown in the buildin not a sound
    Cuz killas don't get heard about
    They get whispered about
    Or you get murdered out (nigga)
    and get my shyne on

    [hook x2]

    [verse 3 baby]
    Comin' through my hood on spinnin' blades
    Mami know my name, niggaz know I don't play
    Jump out the whip, and we blaze in the shade
    Cause I gotta get straight, got an ounce of that haze
    and im the birdman and t do it again
    Early birds don't play, makin' drops in the spots
    We struggle, but we hustle, man we hustle 'round the clock
    Goin' to the club, where the bottles gon' pop
    We VIP nigga, so them bitches gon' jock
    Laid Back on them 23s
    Escalade all green, Cadillac lean, who that be nigga? (Hello)
    You know that be Baby, he goin' to the club in somethin' updated
    Porsche trucks, Infinity graded
    Gotta give props to the man that made me
    Red Gold, I start it went crazy
    Afford to stunt, niggaz, stay in y'all places
    and always getting shyne

    hoox x2

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