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    (featuring Lil Wayne)

    We gon go old school
    Ya know what I'm sayin
    If you from where I'm from
    Ya know what I'm talkin bout
    The way we do this here
    This is a cash money classic
    And I feel couldnt nobody do it the way ima do it
    Ya know what I'm sayin
    So, here we go world, I'm bringin it to your world from my world
    Ya know what I'm talkin bout look I say

    [Chorus: Birdman]
    Get your shine on {*3X*}
    So nigga stop hatin'
    Get your shine on {*3X*}
    You know we gonna make it
    Get your shine on {*3X*}
    So nigga stop hatin'
    Get your shine on {*3X*}
    You know we gonna make it

    One god we trust, the neighborhood is us
    And everything that I ride is 22s and up
    And everytime that I slide, you know I'm platinum plus
    Make the hood understand that we trying to come up
    24s on trucks, just the neighborhood lust
    Tell Lil' One be cool everybody coming up
    Cause everybody wanna ride, everybody wanna shine
    So how ya love that people? Everybody on the grind
    In these projects cuts, ya hood rich livin lavish
    Lord of 14, you know we had to have it
    Once upon a time it was nothing but madness
    Hustling right in front of my mama, Ms. Gladys
    Chasin paper paper chasin, look that's all we know
    Comin through the neighborhood on them 24s
    Bet a thousand, shoot a thousand, nigga up it some more
    Fast money, Cash Money, that's all I know One


    [Lil Wayne]
    They say I walk around like I got an S on my chest
    That be that Cash Money Piece, flow rest in the deck
    I'ma specialist vet, No testin the best
    I be in class, no pencil, no test on the desk
    I'll make ya mouthpiece obease like Delereese
    I'm from the south streets of beast like Lil' Weezie
    F baby for the team I rep daily
    I come to the defense like Champ Bailey, I'm gone wit it
    I chrome kit it, A foam pit in the back of it
    Phony tittie bitches come home with me, get the business
    I made bling bling, I'm like a lighthouse
    So shut that ice in cause yee ain't iced out
    Pay attention closely, You niggaz can never roast me
    Cause the maker of the testerosta knows me
    Oh he so arrogant, the cocky kind
    But you always looking cause I'ma shine, that's right


    Loud pipes and big rims, nigga that's my life
    Come through the neighborhood with my homeboy price
    Lets get it understood, nigga that's my price
    Come through the neck of the woods, you be alright
    Cause I'm pimpin, I'm pimpin pimpin, I'm comin thru
    And I'm dippin, I'm dippin dippin, them 22s
    And they spinnin, they spinnin spinnin, them sprewells nigga
    Them sprewells nigga, we makin mail nigga
    Don't need no introduction in this
    I can grind in every ghetto, trying to stay hood rich
    You can ask a nigga bout me, you know I'm bout my shit
    I was made by guerillas, raised the hot boy click
    Cause I'm the birdman and I'll do you something bad
    Have you heard man that I been slangin them slabs
    That's my word man, I won't stunt nigga
    I won't gonna nigga, I'm gonna stunt nigga, One


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