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    Where have the people gone
    Seems like there's no one hangin' on
    Look through the window
    The houses are empty
    Hey, everybody's out of town
    Seems like I'm the only one around.

    All of the streets are bare
    No traffic tie-ups anywhere
    Don't have to wait for a seat at the movie
    Hey, everybody's out of town
    Seems like, I'm the only one around.

    Everyone's moved out
    >From the ghetto
    Lots of space
    Empty apartments
    No more pollution
    Plenty of classrooms everyplace
    And it looks like we're ready
    To give it one more try
    This time there'll be no alibi
    I'm gonna send out a message to Noah
    Hey, better send some people down
    Everyone on earth,
    Is out of town

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