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    Y'all can't be serious, this is A-1 performance
    Your boy wit' the million-dollar vocal chords
    No more Cristal and DoM P, straight Gatorade
    And they say in death, all life questions shall be answered
    But this here started before the womb
    And will not end after the grave
    Y'all can't disturb me
    [Verse One]
    Critically acclaimed, verbally I'm sickly insane
    Officially, I remain the Ripleys of the game
    Believe or not, the hustler's here to retrieve his spot
    From y'all dungaree thieves that mislead the block
    No rehearsal, nothing's controversial
    Relax homie, react, one response'll hurt you
    I know death, I was there when souls left
    Froze holdin' my nose, over decomposed flesh
    It's deeper, brown reefer, no beeper, low ceaser
    Outta sight, the life make the doe sweeter
    The raps Derrick Jeter, veggie-eater, half-ebonizer
    Love leisure, crewed up, in the stretch 11-seaters
    It's either; move accordin' or, lose an organ
    It's sorta like an abortion, you choose what's more important for ya
    Pimp to poet, from prince to heroic to
    Now, King of New York now, as if y'all don't know this.
    If you, If you think you want it
    You know y'all can get it
    Nobody doing it better than AZ, no, no, no [2x]
    [Verse Two]
    I done did the ostrige, the gators, silver foxes
    Silk boxers, rocked ice so obnoxious
    Wore pradas, Taj Mahal more dollars
    What other motherfucker y'all could call hotter
    Street affilly, sweet swisher, switch from willy
    This so amazing, MJ style the flows Cajun
    Connect wit me, absorb, reflect wit me
    Respect im so N-Sync, I could sex Britney
    Been about it, no comparison, send 'em a stylest
    They too old fo

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